About Me



I am DeShonna Johnson-Garay. A storyteller. A creative. An advocate.

Since entering the “real world,” I have taken on roles deeply invested in communications, social media, event planning and design. Other roles I have acted in during my early career include development and donor relations where I provide support to fundraising efforts. The time has come, though, where I want to use my experiences and newly gained skills to live in my passion: elevating the voices of marginalized individuals and advocating on their behalf. Everyone on this earth has a purpose in one way or another, and I know my purpose is to use my writing talents to bring awareness to social justice issues and to empower those society tends to tear down. Alongside this, I am dedicated to creating safe spaces for marginalized groups through events, public policy initiatives or education (for my own continued learning and others).

I am looking  to make my ‘next shot’ in a new opportunity; to reach my full potential while empowering others to reach theirs. I invite you to read samples of my published work. Thank you.

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